10 Tips for a Successful First Sugar Date – Restaurant Edition

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Ready to move offline and meet in person? Follow these 10 tips for a successful first sugar date- restaurant edition

This guide has been updated to include specific dinner date tips while sugar dating during Convid-19.

The first meeting, known in the sugar bowl as a meet-and-greet (M&G), should always be in a public place. Meeting in person before deciding to move forward with an arrangement is an important step and should not be overlooked! Follow these 12 tips for a successful first date with a potential sugar daddy.

New to the sugar bowl? Get familiar with sugar slang, terms and acronyms.

A restaurant is the best, and therefore most common, place to meet a POT in person for the first time. It’s neutral ground for both of you, and it allows you to assess his generosity and personality. Does he gripe about prices? How does he treat your server?

If the city you’re meeting in is open for dine-in and you’ve made the decision to meet in person at this time, follow these 10 tips to have a successful dinner date experience!

1. Choose a high-end restaurant for the first sugar date

If he asks you to pick the restaurant, always choose somewhere higher-end to set the tone for the arrangement. This shows the caliber of lifestyle you expect.

2. Research the venue

Because things are changing so rapidly during Covid-19, always read the restaurant’s website even if you go regularly. Try to eliminate as much surprise as you can on the first date. You have enough to think about other than discovering you need to change plans when you arrive because the restaurant is closed or booked out for a private event.

During Covid-19, ALWAYS call to confirm the following:

  • Hours of operation, especially when the kitchen closes and the time of last call for drinks. Some restaurants are only open for dinner, but could be open for lunch on weekends. Most restaurants are running on a new, reduced-hours schedule.
  • If masks are required.
  • Any restaurant specific Covid-19 protocols.
  • If there are any changes to the normal menu, especially for items you may be looking forward to ordering.
  • Vegan or vegetarian options, or any other diet or allergy requests.

A sugar date is a great opportunity to experience a restaurant you’ve never been to before. If you’re nervous about going somewhere high end because it’s out of your norm, grab a girlfriend and go for a drink so you know what to expect. Once you’ve been sugaring for a while, you’ll get used to going to new restaurants and look forward to trying new places.

Check TripAdvisor for restaurant ratings, photos and current reviews. Yelp is a great resource as well.

3. Look at their social media accounts

Most businesses are on social media these days. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hold a wealth of information of what to expect in a more realistic view than their official website. You can familiarize yourself with the ambience photos taken by guests to get a pretty good look at the restaurant’s interior if you haven’t been before.

Location tags on Instagram are a gold mine to see what other women have worn there recently. Always dress in what makes you feel your best, but through tagged photos you can really get a feel for what to expect.

4. Tell a friend where you’re going

Safety is paramount in both sugar and vanilla dating. Until I get to know a sugar daddy, I always tell a friend where I’m going, what time my date is, and when I get home. It’s the same girlfriend all the time, and she knows my lifestyle.

If you’re not comfortable telling anyone about this lifestyle, tell a friend you’re going on a date with someone you met on a vanilla dating site, such as Match or Bumble. No need to spill all the details.

5. Always take your own transportation to the first sugar date

For the first sugar date with a POT sugar daddy, always meet him at the restaurant. It’s not a good idea to give him your address at this point in case the date goes sour. Politely decline if he offers to pick you up.

Same goes on the way home from the date: always take your own transportation. If you’re both headed home to the same area, he may ask if you want to share a cab. Tell him you prefer to take your own and accept cash if he offers to cover the cost.

6. Be on time

One thing the wealthy value most is their time. Show that you value his time and yours by arriving at the restaurant exactly on time. Early is always better than late.

7. Keep your phone in your handbag

As it’s tempting to keep your phone on the table to check messages and take photos, refrain from these habits on the first date. This short window of time is all you have to get to know him in person, and you can’t afford to miss any conversation cues or body language.

8. It’s ok to take risks with the menu

If he suggests ordering a dish you’ve never had before, such as crab legs or oysters, be honest and tell him you’ve never had it! He’ll be happy to pop your foodie cherry. Men love being the first to show you new experiences, and that includes showing you how to properly eat an oyster!

9. He pays, always

One of the things I like best about sugar dating: it is expected without question that he pays. No 50/50 here! If you feel uncomfortable sitting at the table while he takes care of the bill, excuse yourself to go to the washroom.

10. Limit your alcohol intake

Not only is being drunk unsafe with someone you don’t know, there is a good chance you won’t remember what you talked about. It’s not classy to exhibit tipsy behavior as nothing good comes of it. Sugar dating is leveled up dating – keep your drink count in check at all times.

The first sugar date is the most important! Meeting in person will determine if you both want to move forward with an official arrangement

Always trust your intuition, and never try to force an arrangement with someone who isn’t right for you just to “have” a sugar daddy. It might work for a while, but wealthy men can sense your hesitation a mile away. Finding the right person may take some time, but don’t give up! It may not feel like it sometimes, but there are great men out there.

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