How to Approach Dating as a Vegan Sugar Baby

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Wondering if being vegan will be a barrier in sugar dating? Short answer: it won’t.

A surprisingly common question I receive is “How do I date as a vegan sugar baby? I’m worried it will be a huge barrier.” Being vegan myself for 3 years now, I’m sharing my advice and experience dating as a vegan in the sugar bowl.

The vegan lifestyle is becoming more popular everyday, especially for the wealthy who care about their health. They know that health is wealth. It’s become so much easier to eat vegan in my city (Vancouver, Canada) and while traveling internationally in just the past 3 years.

This way of eating is here to stay, and will only continue to become more accepted. Major companies are now recognizing the demand for these products, such as meat alternatives and plant-based dairy products. Long gone are the days that avoiding meat, seafood or dairy is considered “weird” or “extreme.”

What is veganism?

A formal definition of veganism:

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. An individual who follows the diet or philosophy is known as a vegan.


Veganism is far from “one size fits all.” Everyone’s reasons, beliefs and boundaries of choosing this lifestyle are different. If you are vegan, this should be clearly expressed in sugar dating to avoid any potential confusion or difference of interests.

The 3 different types of vegan

There are 3 main types of veganism. However, everyone who classifies themselves as a vegan follows a vegan diet.

1. Dietary Vegan

Many people choose to become vegan for its potential health benefits. A vegan diet is shown to reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Avoiding ingesting antibiotics and growth hormones used in the production of animal foods is also a benefit. Eating a proper vegan diet can aid in weight loss and lower body fat percentage. Another common term for this type of vegan is “plant-based diet.”

If you’re interested in trying a vegan diet for weight loss, I highly recommend the book Skinny Bitch. I was presently surprised when I read it. I had no idea it was actually about how being vegan can help you achieve your best body!

2. Ethical Vegan

Someone who choses veganism for ethical reasons not only follows a vegan diet, and but also refrains from using or purchasing non-vegan goods. These can include leather goods, feather items, furs and skin and hair care products. Ethical vegans are against the use of animals and animal byproducts for any purpose.

3. Environmental Vegan

Some choose veganism for environmental reasons to help reduce the negative environmental impact of livestock production. Raising livestock for meat, dairy and egg production is a huge contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.

You don’t have to categorize yourself as just one of these types. You can be some combination of the three, or not. It’s your choice.

How I approach dating as a vegan sugar baby

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

Coco Chanel, 1883 – 1971

For more classic lessons from iconic women, read my post Powerful Sugar Baby Quotes Inspired by Historical Women.

Don’t let anyone cross your boundaries. Sugar dating is not a job, and you should never bend your own rules. I eat vegan because eating this way makes me look and feel my best. Having the self confidence to be yourself is the key to success in the sugar bowl.

One of the many vegan dishes custom made for me upon request.

The costs of the vegan lifestyle

The luxury lifestyle comes with a cost: it can have a negative impact on our environment. Jet fuel for pleasure travel and gifts of brand new designer leather goods just name a few.

While my main reason for being vegan is dietary for health benefits, I also strongly support animal rights and mitigating the effect of animal agriculture on our environment. My only food exceptions are consuming wine, beer, Caesar cocktails and honey.

However, I’ve chosen to still use and purchase non-vegan goods, such as leather clothing, shoes and handbags, feather duvets and some skincare products. I believe it’s impossible to live life in any extreme, so I’m at peace with my choice. I’m feel I’m doing my part for the animals and the environment and that is what’s important to me.

Not all my designer items HAVE to be brand new. As long as they come authenticated from a reputable reseller and I’ve also done my own homework on the item, I’m happy.

Some women feel that requesting non-vegan items as a gift pale in comparison to the cost of a new leather Chanel bag, for example. This will not make you appear “cheap” in the eyes of a wealth man. Sugar dating is about YOUR goals, not what you think the goals of a sugar baby should be. I talk about this stigma in my post Why You Need to Create a Sugar Baby Vision Board.

How sugar daddies feel about veganism

I can only speak from my experience, but I’ve found that most sugar daddies/wealthy men don’t mind dating a vegan sugar baby. It has not been a barrier at all for me. In fact, I’ve even had sugar daddies that are interested to hear about it, and some have even tried vegan dishes with me!

I don’t preach about veganism, ever. I’m perfectly comfortable with my date ordering and eating whatever they please while I do the same. Many people are concerned with what they consume in the presence of someone who declares themselves vegan. I find that being easy-going and reassuring that I don’t mind what they order really helps put a man’s mind at ease.

It wasn’t that long ago I was a non-vegan. I remember vividly the joy of going to a high-end steakhouse to enjoy a dozen oysters followed by a rare steak dinner with buttermilk masked potatoes. Even though those foods are not something I eat anymore, I don’t mind one bit sitting with others who still get joy from it. And nowadays, there are lots of options at these restaurants other than salad.

Tips for dating as a vegan sugar baby

At the profile stage

Always include your vegan preferences in your sugar dating profile. It shouldn’t be more than a well-worded sentence or two. In this day and age, foodie culture is significant. Some people want a partner that they can share this experience with. A man with limited time to invest into a relationship may be looking for someone to enjoy his favourite foods with.

Be clear. If you also don’t use or purchase non-vegan goods, state this in your profile.

The entire point of sugar dating is to be open and honest from the very beginning. Be respectful of what others are seeking.

Choice of restaurants and vegan options

If you’ve read my post 10 Tips for a Successful First Sugar Date – Restaurant Edition you know I always recommend choosing a high-end restaurant for a first date. Trust me, these restaurants now know the importance of catering to vegans as well as their steak and lobster clientele.

If he asks you to pick the restaurant, it’s easy to choose a venue you love and know has vegan options for you.

However, if he picks a restaurant you’re unfamiliar with, here’s what to do:

  • Call the restaurant directly ahead of time and ask if they have any vegan options on their menu, and what they are.
  • If they don’t have any standard vegan menu items, ask if you need to request a custom order ahead of time, or if the chef can prepare you something upon arrival. Usually, the chef will prepare you something when you get there. I’ve never had an experience where they weren’t able to prepare me a custom dish.
  • Sometimes restaurants don’t offer any kind of vegan dessert (apart from a fruit plate), so if you have a sweet tooth, ask about this as well.

A first date at a restaurant can be a good indicator of assessing a man’s wealth. Some woman worry that by being vegan, the relatively inexpensive cost of vegan dishes compared to seafood, steak or oysters may hinder their judgment tactics. There are many ways to assess a man’s wealth on a date. Food is only one, so don’t worry about the cost of your meal.

How to order vegan dishes at a restaurant

Times have really changed. Nowadays, fancy establishments have a lot more to offer you than just a salad.

I live in Canada, and have traveled extensively (mainly to metropolitan cities.) I’m happy to report that most high-end hotel restaurants, steakhouses and seafood specialty restaurants now have vegan options listed on their menus.

If you don’t see anything vegan, OR don’t love what they have listed as an option, here’s how to order:

  • Some restaurants actually have a dedicated vegan menu, but they don’t tell you about it unless you ask directly.
  • Ask if the chef can prepare you a vegan dish. Your server will typically ask what kind of dish you would prefer (roasted veggies and accompaniment, pasta, etc.) and if you have any allergies.
  • Sometimes restaurants have what is called a “vegan plate” that is not listed on the menu, but is what the chef has designed for any vegan orders. Don’t get too attached to what this dish is, because it usually changes daily with fresh ingredients in the kitchen. I’ve had some amazing dishes I’ve never been able to order again.
  • There is a very good chance someone who works there is vegan, so the wait staff should be pretty understanding with your request.
  • When ordering custom requested dishes, take the time to enjoy them! If you go back to the same restaurant, you may not ever get the exact same dish again because the chef often creates your dish with fresh ingredients they don’t always have on hand to make it special for you.
  • Keep in mind that chefs don’t always work the same shift. What one chef made for you on Monday night may not be recreated by the Wednesday night chef when you go to the same restaurant with a different sugar daddy!

A vegan sugar baby has the confidence to order what she really wants

Don’t feel guilty about being a “high maintenance” or demanding customer. It’s the restaurants job to make you happy, keep spending money and want to come back. In fact, most chefs LOVE it when someone orders something not on the standard menu. It gives them a chance to be creative in their day.

I’ve even had chefs thank me for ordering a vegan dish and afford them the opportunity to have fun creating something on the fly from scratch.

Don’t worry too much that your custom ordered dish of vegetables will be inexpensive, because it’s usually more than you think they would charge for it!

I rarely eat dessert. I have no sweet tooth, and didn’t enjoy sweets before I became vegan either. Don’t feel you have to order dessert to portray yourself as a classy lady, run up the bill, or anything else. If you don’t really want it, don’t order it.

Custom ordered Vegan Lentil Ragu in London, UK

Travel as a vegan sugar baby

As I have mentioned, I travel extensively, and have not experienced much difficulty traveling as a vegan sugar baby. North America, the UK and a lot of Europe have some of the best vegan food. I’ve never had an issue where a restaurant couldn’t make me a custom dish.

A word of warning with travel, however. It’s impossible to be 100% vegan at all times when on your trip. There will be situations where there are literally no options other than salad, or at the very least, a dish that contains dairy. Sometimes you need to be a bit flexible, and if the pasta with red sauce is made with a bit of egg, then so be it. This doesn’t happen too often, but don’t be surprised when it does.

If you’re interested is a post specifically for tips on traveling as a vegan sugar baby, let me know in the comments!

This is your life. Live it confidently!

I have no regrets choosing to eat a vegan diet. There are no foods I miss eating, and I have absolutely no plans to go back! I feel better than I ever have. I can see a huge difference in my skin, body and energy levels.

If you are vegan, or interested in exploring veganism, I highly recommend reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II. This amazing book was actually gifted to me by a sugar daddy!

Are you vegan? What has been your experience in the sugar bowl as a vegan sugar baby? Share below!

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