Financial Tools

Financial Tools

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Save money and increase your income

Financial success is only as good as the knowledge you amass and the financial tools in your toolbox. Here are some of my recommended financial tools to help master your personal finances by saving money and increasing your income.



Where it pays to shop.

There’s no escaping it – living life means spending money, no matter where you are on your journey.

Signing up for a cash back website like Rakuten allows you to earn money while you shop online at any of their 2,500+ participating stores. I buy skin care, clothes, shoes, accessories, health items and gifts all while earning cash back! I opt for my cash back to be deposited to my PayPal account so I don’t have to wait to receive a check in the mail. It’s basically free money!

Rakuten has two websites: (Canada) and (USA).


New members who sign up through my link at get a bonus: earn $5 when you join and spend your first $25!

I find the USA generally has better financial incentive programs than Canada, but good news – Canadians are able to use and sign up for as well!


New members who sign up through my link at get a bonus: earn $20 when you join and spend your first $20! Limited time offer for new signups between December 4 – 31, 2020.



Establish secure and private online browsing history.

It’s nobody’s business what you do online. Even if you have nothing to hide, everyone deserves to have the peace of mind that encrypted internet browsing provides. With the world moving more and more online, it’s crucial to take necessary steps to protect your online activity. Protect and secure not only browsing history, but your financial information when you check your credit card balance or pay a bill through online banking. NordVPN even comes with you when you travel – they have access to 5,100 servers worldwide.

I’m a happy customer of NordVPN, for both the service they offer and their 24/7 customer support. Sign up today to start protecting your privacy!